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Why invest in Russian real estate?
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Relocation, real estate investment, immigration & expat services in Moscow and everywhere in Russia

Custom approach
We completely review your personal, financial & legal situation prior to issuing a recommended course of action. Free of charge, we rapidly assess whether or not Russia is the right destination for you.
Investment/Property selection
Our investment team thoroughly identifies, pre-selects and pre-checks all properties or productive investments that may pertinent to your needs.
Due diligence & legal
Once selected, our legal team investigates the selected property or investment, advises on banking, taxation and the possible use of investment vehicles, and accompanies you until the final closing.
Property management
We manage all aspects of your property, including planning, redesigning, redeveloping and furnishing. Should you choose to rent your property, we can be the sole interface with your tenants.
From choosing an international mover to identifying your children's school or your family's private health plan, apartment insurance company, or Russian language classes, we pre-select trustworthy suppliers and make your life easier.
Our specialist team accompanies you from Day 1 to the final obtention of a Russian residency permit or citizenship. We prepare all required documents with you, and we interface with the administration on your behalf.
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Russian Golden Visa

Russia is introducing a golden visa scheme, offering foreigners a permanent residency permit in exchange for investing in the Russian economy
Property/bond investment path
Buy and hold property or government bonds for at least 30 million rubles ($390,000)
Productive investment path
Start a Russian company, invest 10 million rubles ($130,000) and hire at least 10 Russian workers
Russian language
Take and pass a Russian language test in a qualified center, golden visas are not meant to create false preconditions for obtaining migration
Get permanent residency!
Russian permanent residency permits give holders rights similar to Russian citizens, with the exception of voting rights and conscription for military service
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Property Listing
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"Working & investing on four different continents gave me an edge on understanding what people need when they are expats. Along with knowing these needs have to adapt to local realities."
Senior Partner
"The strongest experience of my life so far was to study and live by myself in Russia as a young foreigner. It gave me the keys to the country's ways and people's hearts."
Senior Partner
"Trust is earned, not given."
Founded by two French-born individuals with a strong international exposure and many years of life & experience in Russia, Vostok Relocation strives to maintain the highest quality standards and deliver without compromise and also without false promises.

We exclusively employ seasoned & specialised consultants, who will not waste your time or money. Whichever your life or investment project may be, don't hesitate and ask us for a free of charge assessment.
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