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Why invest in Russian Real Estate?

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With 13 million inhabitants, Moscow is the largest city in Europe. Constantly growing, both economically, technologically and demographically, Moscow is an essential place of investment in Eastern Europe. Spread over nearly 2,542 km2, the Russian capital is immense and real estate offers thousands of opportunities. Our team of experts is here to assist you in this vast, specific and unique market.

First and foremost, the current exchange rate of 90 rubles for 1 euro renders the price of an apartment in Russia for a European investor 30% cheaper today than back in 2019. The real estate price have very little evolved following the fall of the ruble, and it is therefore more interesting than ever for a European investor to cross the cap and invest in Russia. For the price of Lyon, Berlin, or Madrid, you may have access to a property located a few steps away from the Kremlin. As importantly, real-estate rental investments, with a net profitability of around 5%, have nothing to envy to other European capitals. Like in most countries of the former USSR, property rights are sacred in Russia, while public security, very low public debt, economic growth, and flexible legislation regarding tenants (a bad payer is evicted immediately) end up making Russia a very desirable investment location. Past 5 years of ownership, you are not subject to capital gain taxes, while inheritance duties does not exist in direct line.

Our agents are used to dealing with international clients, and they focus on unique “off-market” assets, and our team follows-up on your tenants and your apartment(s) according to your desiderata.

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